Washington School 
Class of '74
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Sixth Grade -  Mrs. Humpstead

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First Row (floor): John Furman; John Fisher; Freddy Finck; Danny Socolich 
Second Row (seated): Wilma Young; Marcy Anterio; Laura Anderson; Helen Lewerth; Nancy Peterson; Patty Carter; Diane McLaughlin 
Third Row: Jeannette Olesciwitz ; Rosemary Butler; Linda Wechsler; Joan Lapinski; Sara Epstein; Helene Georgis; Beth Linkletter; Debra Strausbaugh; Sharon Kampff;
Amy Weinberger; Nancy Lopez; Mrs. Humpstead 
Top Row: Richard O'Keefe; Mike Milo; Nicholas Nicholades; Kevin Gallagher; Dennis Zapato;
Neil Monastero; Tom Lauzon; Michael Giaquinto; Russell Dieterle
Fourth Grade  - Mrs. Sestanovich

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First Row (seated):Karen ?; Cheryl McClair; Barbara Natalizio; Nancy Peterson; Patty Volo;Nancy Lopez; Janice Clark; Marcy Anterio
Second Row: Chris Sabatini; ?; Helen Lewerth; Donna Saparito;  Joanne Fink;
Amy Weinberger; Linda Wechsler; Tim Murphy
Third Row: Mrs. Sestanovich; Billy Tasker; Tom Lauzon; 
Vance Willard; Tom Favorito;
Rob Aden; Paul Myer; face missing was Rory Garrand
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