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Class of 1962
Jefferson School
Class of 62/63 - Safety Patrol

Photo ID J-007
    Front row, left to right: Diane Potenti, Judy Flagg, G3, Foster Hoyt, Arnold Braske'62,
Rickie Blackmore'64, Karen Ferri
     2nd row, l to r: Mark Cicerone, Bobby Cecchino, G10, Dan Gaffney, Karen Pierce, Ralph O'connor, 
Joyce Jacobsen, Mike Laico, Brooks McCall
     3rd row, l to r: Diana Gonzalez, B18, Herbie Bronkhorst, Maria DeMaggio'62, Ed Grube, Charlene Seleen, 
George Conover, Lee Owen, Cynthia Boyd
     Top row, l to r: Bob Lilley, Don Franck, Charlie Dringus, Fay Bechtold, Joyce Klee, Bill Smith, Rodney Henchion,
Dennis Suchowacky, Roy Pierce
     Back,  Officer Joe, Miss Wolf, principal

Photo ID J-016                  Class of '62          Photo compliments of  Carl A. Wehmann

     Front most row, L to R: G01, Fred Betz, Carl Wehmann, G04, Frank Cavello, Helen Suhr, B07
     2nd row: B08, G09, B10, B11, Ferle Siegel 
     3rd row: John Neth, B14, Henri Weil , Joan Hurlebaus, Martha Prunty,G18, G19
     Back Row: Carol Lind, JoAnn DiMaggio, Teacher

          Photo ID J-004           class of '62
   Kneeling front row, left to right: B1, Foster Hoyt, Frank Addicks, Arnold Braeske, Johnny Quinn,
B6, Joey Potenti, Richard Felton
   Standing, L to R: JoAnn DiMaggio, Bonnie, Martha Prunty, G12, Bobby James, Diana Gonzalez, 
B15, B16, Maria DeMaggio
   2nd row standing, L to R: Joyce Klee, Dennis Suchowacky, G20, B21, Charlene Seleen, Charlie Dringus, G24
   Back row, L to R: B25, G26, Bob Henschon, G28, B29, G30, B31

Photo ID J-010           Class of 1962
     Front row, l to r: Bobby Fredricksen, G2, G3, G4,B5
     2nd row, l to r: G6, G7, G8 , Judy Flagg, B10
     3rd row, l to r: G11, Ed Grube, Zohra Amed, G14, Bob Lilley, Maria DeMaggio
     Top row, l to r: Arnold Braeske, Roy Pierce, Edward Smith, Robert Wheeler
Teacher : Mrs. Pavsik

Photo ID  J-006(class of 1962)
Left to Right: B1, JoAnn DiMaggio'62, Robert Riess
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