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Class of 1967 Hoover School Pictures
Mrs. Kennedy

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Photo submitted by
Donna McKeag McHenry
1st Grade
Miss Messina

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NOTE: Row 1 is closest to the camera in the lower right of the photo. 
Names are listed from front of room to back (left to right).
Row 1:Frankie X, Janis England, Sandy X, George Gebhart
Row 2:  Pat Altamirano, David Wright, John X, Nancy Powell, ?, ?
Row 3:  Beverly Stohl, Glenn Ritt, Tommy McDermott, Patty Proiss, 
Barbara  Carlevaro, Jack Brondum
Row 4:  Luis X, Dean Winship, Carl X, Donna McKeag, David Crum
Row 5:  Linda Sherry, Andrea X, Barbara Miller
2nd grade Miss Dabaghian
Compliments of Beverly Stohl MacClements 

L to R: Janis England, Beverly Stohl, Mark Thaisz, Dean Winship, George Gebhart, Jack Brondum
. . .

Front Row: David Crum, Janice W., Sue Bocchiccio
Middle row: Donna McKeag, Sue Kabazinski, Dean Winship, Janis England
Third row of desks, Beverly Stohl, George Gebhart, Patty Preuss, Nina McManus, Pat Altimirano
Back row:  Barbara Carlevaro
2nd/3rd grade combination class
Miss Marge Roll
Photo submitted by
Jack Brondum
(Jack attended BHS though 7th grade)

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Front row (floor): Steven van der Hagen (68)*, Jack Brondum (67), ?, Charles Landau (68)
Row 2 (seated): Bobby Hanle (67), Mark Thaisz (67), Glenda X (67), Beverly Stohl (67),
Susan Bocchiccio (67), Carol Japp (68), Stephen Sauter (67), John Spindler (68)
Row 3 (standing): Karen Johnson (68), Terry Ann Lanza (68), Susan Katz (67), Donna Nole (68),
Susan van Skuyck (68), Lois Schwartzberg (68)
not pictured Abby Rosen (67) 
3rd/4th grade combination class,
Mrs. Jean Hunt
Photo submitted by
Jack Brondum
(Jack attended BHS though 7th grade)

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Front row (floor): Roy Lewis (68), Bobby Hanle (67), Susan Bocchiccio (67), John Spindler (68), 
Abby Rosen (67), Dickran Kiroglian (68)
Row 2 (standing):  Mrs. Hunt, Karen Johnson (68), Mary Gail Frawley (67), Carol Japp (68), 
Steven van der Hagen (68), Jack Brondum (67), Donna Nole (68), 
Charles Landau (68), Mrs. Gloria Hamnett (music)
Row 3 (standing): Nancy Bragg (67), Steve Sauter (67), Susan Katz (67), Beverly Stohl (67),
Bill Bragg (67), Tina Newstein (67), ?
5th Grade
Mr. Donald McKay
Photo submitted by
Jack Brondum
(Jack attended BHS though 7th grade)

click here for a larger view
Front (seated, floor): Tommy Ruggia, Steve Sauter, Jack Brondum, Chris Confield,
Pat Altamirano, Bobby Hanle
Row 2 (seated, chairs): Michelle Simon, Anna Mary Meshinsky, Janis England,Linda Mills Trigiano,
Kristine Ackerberg, Jeralyn Hofman, Terri Reynolds, Lynn Butler
Row 3 (standing, floor): Mr. McKay, Elise McDermott, Beverly Stohl, Barbara Miller, Donna McKeag,
Janet Schwefegger, Diane Cosmai, Diane Gideon, Nancy Bragg
Row 4 (standing, chairs): Bill Bragg, Chuck Near, Dean Winship, Susan Kabazinski, George Gebhart, Barbara Carlevaro, Tommy Many, Ernie Killian, Wayne Roe
6th grade
Mrs. Dolores Rabin

click here for a larger view
Top row: Linda Mills Trigiano, Ronnie Logan, Linda Sorensen, Mrs. Rabin, Clifford Knecht,
Shelley Francis, Gudrun Swenson
Row 2: Bill Bragg, Janis England, Ralph Perry, Barbara Carlevaro, Chris Confield, Elise McDermott
Row 3: Bryce Sweet, Diane Gideon, Motohiro Asao, Donna McKeag, Tommy Many,
Anna Mary Meshinsky, Bobby Hanle, Sharon Branick, Dean Winship
Row 4: Jeralyn Hofman, Jack Brondum, Barbara Miller, George Gebhart, Janet Schwefegger, 
Gail Lenihan, Bruce Nocar, Beverly Stohl, Nancy Bragg
Row 5: Astrid Swenson, Diane Cosmai, Edeltraut Swenson, Billy Holman, Kathy Robinson,
Kristine Ackerberg, Greg Haner
Photos submitted by
Jack Brondum
(Jack attended BHS though 7th grade)

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