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Class of 1967 Franklin School Pictures
1st Grade
Ms. Colabella
Photo submitted by
Dave Harper '67

First Row:  ?  ?  Ronald Vanacore
Second Row: Robert Williams, George Schuster, ?, Doug Olsen, Betsy Cameron
Third Row: Wally Muller, Donald Stoba, Dave Harper, ?, ?
Fourth Row:  ? Stephen White, Fran Le Count, ? ?
Fifth Row:  Susan Biernesser, Joe Soycher, ? ? ? Judy Lydecker
Sixth Row: Carleen Vautrin, ? Linda Huppert ? Helen Lastoczy
Seventh Row: ? ? Ms. Colabella
1st Grade
Mrs. Pollard
Photo submitted by
Marie Saraceno

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3th Grade - Mrs. Saradarian 
Photo submitted by
Marie Saraceno

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1st Row: Peggy O'Connell, Teddy Bross, Donald Tanasoca
2nd Row:  Bob Fostvedt, Judy Lydecker, Kathy Harvey
3rd Row: Jim O'Connell, Ellen Morris, Emil Boehme, Bob Miller
4th Row: ? Betty Armstrong, Ellen Aronson, ? ?
5th Row: ? Wally Muller, Mary Jane Musselman, Marie Saraceno, Gail Hunt
Back Row: William McNeil, Miriam Anolik, Bob Ariosto, (seated?) Joey Soycher, Sandy Hendrickson, Ralph Cinnamon, ?, Leroy Fox ?
3th Grade - Mrs Bieler
Photo submitted by
Dave Harper '67

1st Row: Kevin Malanczuk, Barbara Keelan, David Wormull, Edrie Marquez
2nd Row: Linda Pallman, Linda Logue, Danny Morales, ? ?
3rd Row: ? Ruth Rexer, Betsy Cameron, ? , Janet Rogers, Bill Brown
4th Row: Dave Harper, John Zeigler, George Schuster, Carleen Vautrin, Wayne Williams, Ronald Vanacore
5th Row: ? Marion Giordano, 
Back Row: Maryann Finnochio, ? Mrs Bieler, Pat McQuade, Mary Ellen Clayton (seated) Richard Perry, Dorothy Detourney, Barbara Ann Dailey ? Barry Fagan
5th Grade - Ms. Caroli
Photo submitted by
Dave Harper '67

1st Row: Maryann Finnochio, David Wormull, Janet Rogers
2nd Row: George Schuster, Donald Stoba, Kevin Malanczuk, Ronald Vanacore
3rd Row: Phil Errichiello, Erdie Marquez, Bill Hudson, Pat McQuade, Carleen Vautrin
4th Row: ?, Nancy Johnsen, Betsy Cameron, Dave Harper, Barbara Keelan
5th Row: Bill Brown, Ruth Rexer, ? John Zeigler, William McNeil
6th Row: ? Barry Fagan, Richard Perry, Linda Jane Pallman, Linda Logue
Back Row: Wayne Williams, ? Ms. Caroli, Danny Morales 
5th Grade - Ms. 
Photo submitted by
Marie Saraceno

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6th grade - Mr. Horner

Top Row: Karen Klitch, Richard Perry, Betsy Cameron, Mr. Horner, Linda Pallman, Barry Fagan
2nd Row: William McNeil, Carleen Vautrin, Kevin Malanczuk, ?
3rd Row: Edrie Marquez, Ronald Vanacore, ? ? Bill Hudson, Linda Logue, Donald Stoba
4th Row: Barbara Keelan, Danny Morales, Dave Harper, Janet Rogers ? Bill Brown, Pat McQuade
5th Row: Phil Errichiello, Ruth Rexer, George Schuster, John Zeigler, Maryann Finocchio, 
Marc Palius, Bobby Leiser
6th Grade - Mr. Hartman
Photo submitted by
Marie Saraceno

click here for larger view
TOP Row: 
2nd Row: 
3rd Row: 
4th Row: 
5th Row: 
6th Row: 

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