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Halloween Pictures
Hoover School Class of 1967
Where in the world is George Gebhart?

Kindergarten - Mrs. Kennedy
Front (seated): Linda Sherry, Richard Leavy, David Wright, Patty Proiss, ?, Nancy Powell, Barbara Miller, 
Mark Thaisz, ? (Bo Peep costume, standing)
Row 2 (seated): ?, Elise McDermott, John X, ?, Carl X, Jack Brondum, ?, Pat Altamirano, Janis England
Row 3 (standing): Donna McKeag, Dean Winship, ?, ?, George Gebhart, Barbara Carlevaro, 
Beverly Stohl, Glenn Ritt, Andrea X
Names thanks to
Jack Brondum
First Grade - Miss Messina
photo compliments of
George Gebhart

Front (seated): David Wright, Pat Altamirano, Linda Sherry, Patty Proiss, Tommy McDermott, Sandy X, Mark Thaisz
Row 2 (seated): Barbara Miller, David Crum, Carl X, Nancy Powell, Donna McKeag, Luis X, Jack Brondum
Row 3 (standing): Janis England, Dean Winship, Beverly Stohl, Andrea X, Frankie X, George Gebhart, 
Glenn Ritt, John X, Barbara Carlevaro, ?
Names thanks to
Jack Brondum
Second Grade - Miss Dabaghian
photo compliments of
George Gebhart

Front (kneeling): Beverly Stohl, Barbara Miller, Linda Mills Trigiano, Patty Proiss, Dean Winship, 
Nina McManus, Donna McKeag, Mark Thaisz, Janis England
Back (standing): Susan Kabazinski, George Gebhart, David Crum, Sandy X, Tommy McDermott, 
Jack Brondum, Steve Sauter, Pat Altamirano (pirate costume), Andrea X, Susan Bocchiccio, Richard X, ?, ?
Names thanks to
Jack Brondum
Third Grade - Mrs. Hunt
photo compliments of
George Gebhart

Front (seated): Lynn Butler, Pat Altamirano, David Crum, Chris Confield, Kristine Ackerberg
Row 2 (kneeling): Barbara Miller, Patty Proiss, Janis England, Janice Israel, Jeralyn Hofman, Tina Newstein
Row 3 (seated): ?, Anna Mary Meshinsky Michelle Simon, Mary Gail Frawley, Nancy Bragg, Billy Bragg, Tommy McDermott
Row 4 (standing): Donna McKeag, Tommy Many, George Gebhart, Barbara Carlevaro, Timmy X, ?, 
Mrs. Hunt, Dean Winship
Names thanks to
Jack Brondum
2nd / 3rd grade combination class,
Miss Roll
Photo submitted by
Bev Stohl

Front row (on floor): Jack Brondum (67), Richard ?, Lois Schwartzberg (68),
 Abby Rosen (67), Steven van der Hagen (68)

 2nd row (seated): Karen Johnson (68), Terri Ann Lanza (68), Donna
 Nole (68), Susan van Skuyck (68), Charles Landau (68)

 3rd row (standing): John Spindler (68), Carol Japp (68), Susan Katz
 (67), Steve Sauter (67), Glenda X (67), Mark Thaisz (67), ?

 In back: Miss Marge Roll
Not pictured: Bobby Hanle (67), Beverly Stohl (67)

3rd/4th grade combination class,
Mrs. Jean Hunt
Photo submitted by
Jack Brondum
(Jack attended BHS though 7th grade)

click here for a larger view
Front row (floor): Roy Lewis (68), Bobby Hanle (67), Susan Bocchiccio (67), John Spindler (68), 
Abby Rosen (67), Dickran Kiroglian (68)
Row 2 (standing):  Mrs. Hunt, Karen Johnson (68), Mary Gail Frawley (67), Carol Japp(68), 
Steven van der Hagen (68), Jack Brondum (67), Donna Nole (68), 
Charles Landau (68), Mrs. Gloria Hamnett (music)
Row 3 (standing): Nancy Bragg (67), Steve Sauter (67), Susan Katz (67), Beverly Stohl (67),
Bill Bragg (67), Tina Newstein (67), ?
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Schmidt
photo compliments of
George Gebhart

Front (kneeling): ?, Donna McKeag, Lynn Butler, Pat Altamirano, Chris Confield, Barbara Miller, Linda Mills Trigiano, Diane Gideon
Row 2 (seated): Nina McManus, Janice Israel, Jeralyn Hofman, Michelle Simon, Janet Schwefegger (sp?),
Tommy Ruggia, Kristine Ackerberg, ?, David Crum
Row 3 (standing): Diane Cosmai, Anna Mary Meshinsky, ?, Dean Winship, George Gebhart, 
Barbara Carlevaro, Elise McDermott, Susan Kabazinski, Ernie Killian
Names thanks to
Jack Brondum
Fifth Grade -Mr. McKay
photo compliments of
George Gebhart

Front (seated): Bill Bragg, Barbara Miller, Chris Confield, Jack Brondum, Bobby Hanle, Wayne Roe, 
Tommy Ruggia, Pat Altamirano, Linda Mills Trigiano
Row 2 (seated): Donna McKeag, Diane Gideon, Michelle Simon, Janis England, Janice Israel, 
Lynn Butler, Kristine Ackerberg, Nancy Bragg, Jeralyn Hofman, Terri Reynolds
Row 3 (standing): George Gebhart, Janet Schwefegger, Anna Mary Meshinsky, Steve Sauter, Diane Cosmai, Chuck Near, Tommy Many, Dean Winship, Barbara Carlevaro, Beverly Stohl, Susan Kabazinski, Elise McDermott, Ernie Killian
Names thanks to
Jack Brondum
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