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The Class of 1970
Washington School Photos

Second Grade
Teacher:   Annette Parisi
Photo submitted by
Rick (Fredrick) Bryda

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First Row (seated):Debbie Englehart, Debbie Englehart, Debbie Guerra, Denice Tasker, Christina Socolich, Frances??, Susan Parks, Angela Porcelli, Alberta Hartman, Angelica Metten
Second Row:Gary Leggour, Steve Stavrou, John Nemick, Dave Gardner, Marjorie Ferrando, 
Andrea Kivor, Billy Dietsch, Ronald Brooks, Rick Bryda
Third Row: Miss Parisi, Robert Best, Phillip Schellato, Peter Medima, Sandy??, Jack De Lucia, 
Paul Thurber, Mark Francke
Fourth Grade
Teacher:   Jane (Schlepfer) Ochs
Photo submitted by
Rick (Fredrick) Bryda

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First Row (on floor): Michael Katz, Rick Bryda, Dennis Johnston, Martin Dannenfelser, 
Mark Franke, Bill Zitelli, Peter Miedama
Second Row (seated):Barbara Lisi, Christina Socolich, Marjorie Ferrando, Christina Dwyer, Susan Pinto, Christine Forrer, Lisa Stolpen?, Ms. (Schlepfer) Ochs
Third Row:Janice Fedyna, Linda Myers, Debbie Guerra, Virginia Giarrusso, Debbie Tomkins,
Debbie Englehart, Andrea Kivor, Janice Koch
Fourth Row: Robert Best, David Coombs, Henry Butz or Jan Russenberg, Steve Stavrou, Richard Adler

Combined 5th & 6th grade class
 Teacher, Mr Rotella

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1st row (on floor): Bob Dwyer, Dean Torriello, Michael Katz, Tim Killcoyne
2nd row: Chris Colella, Denise Miller, Cheryl Sobeleski,Louise Witten, 
Suzanne Smith,Susan Earnst, Barbara Freeman,
3rd row: Christine Forrer, Debbie Thompkins, Janet Allen, Andrea Kivor, Claire Milestone,
Debbie Guerra, Janice Fedyna, Dian Dong
4th row: Mitchell Dong, Allen Ciuffo, Dennis Johnston, Steve Stavrou, David Coombs,
Donald Waskover, Martin Dannenfelser, Mr Rotella
Photo submitted by
Tim Killcoyne
Sixth Grade
Teacher:   Victor Montesano
Photo submitted by
Rick (Fredrick) Bryda

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First Row (on floor):  Tom Rosien, Gary Leggour, Mark Franke, Bernie Lefbvre, Rick Bryda
Second Row (seated): Barbara Lisi, Joann Matter, Donna Prince, Angelica Metten, Marjorie Ferrando,
Mina Katsogiani, Christina Socolich, Diane Bissette
Third Row: Mary Donlan, Linda Myers, Virginia Giarrusso, Roz Yanlowski, Susan Pinto, Kathy Riley,
Christina Dwyer, Mr. Montesano
Fourth Row: Peter Miedama, Richard Adler, Bill Dietsch, Martin Dannenfelser, John Nemic,
Julio Castiello, Bill Zitelli, Phillip Schellato

We thank Barbara Freeman, Tina Socolich Bingaman, Mary Donlan Heveran,
Denice Tasker, Jack De Lucia 
and Steve Stavrou, for help with the names
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